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product description

GMT pallet advantages

Lightweight and strong - light weight

Good impact performance - resistance to falling and bumping

Good fatigue resistance - dimensional stability, not easy to deform

Good weatherability - long service life

Wear-resistant - long service life

No water absorption - no expansion, no corrosion


Huaye Technology's advantages

Strict incoming inspection

Scientific formula system

Strict process control

Advanced process equipment

Strict factory inspection

First class after-sales service

Product description and precautions


The surface of this product has a certain roughness before it is processed. If the product is required to be produced, the sanding process can be increased. The company only charges the cost. The cost is less than 30 kg. The plate is 3 yuan/sheet, 30-50 kg plate. 4 yuan / Zhang, 50-70 kg plate 5 yuan / Zhang, 70 kg - 100 kg board 6 yuan / Zhang.

2. Size

This product is a molded part, the shrinkage rate has a certain fluctuation, the length and width deviation is generally in the range of +5, -7mm, the thickness deviation is plus or minus 1mm, and the thickness deviation of the sanding process will be relatively small.

3. Plate thickness reference data

The recommended thickness of the company's board manufacturing standard bricks is shown in the following table. When the recommended thickness is used to produce the standard bricks, the maximum bending of the board is as follows.

Board lengthmm Standard recommended thicknessmm Corresponding maximum curvaturemm Remarks
850 18-20 10 23℃,Support at both ends
1000 20 12 ;
1100 20-22 13 ;
1150 23 14 ;
1200 24 15 ;
1250 25 16 ;
1300 26 17 ;
1350 28 17 ;
1400 30 17  

 If the brick type produced is heavier and the bending requirement is smaller, it is necessary to provide detailed brick weight and size to confirm the required thickness of the board. For example, the bending requirement of the single road along the stone is less than 3mm, double row. The bending requirement is less than 5mm. The thickness of the board is increased more, and steel edge pallets are recommended when the requirements are very high.

Long-term use temperature of the board

The long-term use temperature of the company's conventional products is recommended to be -40 ° C -50 ° C, the long-term use temperature of steel edge pallets is recommended -40 ° C -90 ° C, exceeding the use temperature may cause irreversible deformation or brittle fracture. When the thickness of the plate changes when the plate has temperature requirements, the long-term use temperature is usually increased by about 10% for every 10°C (normal temperature at 23°C), and the thickness is lower than normal for long-term use. .

5. Comparison with PVC plastic sheet and advantages and disadvantages

(1) When the GMT conventional product is used in spring, autumn and winter, the maximum bending degree of the same thickness board will be 2-5mm larger than that of the PVC board. When the summer 40°C is used, the bending degree will be 2-5mm smaller than the same thickness PVC board when replacing PVC. It is usually recommended to increase the thickness by 2mm when the board is used.

(2) This product has good toughness and aging resistance. It has low breakage rate in long-term use, strong temperature resistance and good reputation.

(3) Lighter weight. Density is 2/3 of PVC board

(4) The dimensional accuracy is not as good as that of the PVC board, but it can be applied to the general brick machine model. Special circumstances should be taken seriously, and the surface finish can be processed by the sanding process.

(5) In summary, the use of GMT conventional pallets will be greater than PVC panels, but the long-term use will have less damage and high return. The steel edge pallets are suitable for high load bearing, low bending, steaming requirements, etc. Low price (relative to iron plate), light weight, no rust and so on.


Ningbo Huaye Materials Co., Ltd. GMT pallet inspection report


Serial number project unit skills requirement Test results Detection method
1 Bending strength MPa ≥25 25.4 GB/T1449-2005
2 Flexural modulus GPa ≥2.0 2.2 GB/T1449-2005
3 Simply supported beam unnotched impact strength KJ/m2 ≥20 21 GB/T1451-2005
4 Water absorption rate % ≤0.5 0.46 GB/T1462-2005
5 Surface hardness (Shore D) HD ≥65 70 GB/T1462-2005
6 Heat distortion temperature ≥100 126 GB/T1634.2-2004
7 density g/cm2 1.20±0.10 1.25 /
8 Size deviation mm +5,-7 +3,-5 /
9 Warpage mm ≤5 2 /
10 Thickness deviation mm ±1 +1,-0.5 /


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